About Studio342

Studio342 was founded by Nigel Holland in January of 2017, although Nigel has over 19 years of design experience this is a new venture. Nigel started designing training material for a YTS Training Centre in the mid nineties but soon drifted into commercial graphic design. His first project was a website back in late 90s when the web was still in its infancy. Since then Nigel has developed and designed websites and web applications. However, Nigel's passion for creating new identities for businesses has become his main focus.

When designing a website the logo already exists and therefore certain design rules are already in place and can limit the creativity of the design process. Designing logos, creating a brand new identity is very exciting.

Nigel Holland

The Name: Studio342

When I was starting this venture I came up with a few names that sounded good and snappy but none of them meant much to me. I selected the name I wanted to use but in mid March 2018 decided that I needed a name with a connection, something with a link to me personally. The name Studio342 is special to me for two reasons. Firstly I spent a lot of my time in the 80's in recording studios playing drums and then in late 2000 racing in the National Drag Racing Championship with my race number 342. Because of a disability I had to give up both these activities but these events in my life were special so I decided that Studio342 would be the new name of the business.

Nigel Holland