Design Process

Studio342 can help you create an identity that you can be proud of, an identity that speaks to your audience.
There is a process to everything and Studio342 is no different. Studio342 have a strict logo design process in place to ensure the client ends up with an identity they can be proud of.

Client Meeting

Meeting with the client to discuss their requirements is the first part of the process. It also gives me and the client a chance to get to know each other, to find out what makes the business tick and the personality of the business. I find it useful to meet the client on their business premises as this gives me a much better insight as to what they do and how they do it.


Researching the client business is very important for me to make the right design decisions later on. Knowing the clients target audience, their objectives, where do they see their business in 5 or 10 years and who are their competitors.

Develop Ideas

Initially I like to start with keywords either from what the client business do or their business name using a mind map. This broadens the keywords and helps me to develop more than one idea and also to develop stronger ideas. I also gather images from the web or use a camera to create a mood board for inspiration. Once I have a few ideas I start to develop the logo on a computer. Creating vector images ensures the highest quality images.

Present to Client

I present the ideas not only as a stand alone logo but in use in the most common applications. If your logo is to be applied to other applications then I would present those samples to you.


When all the revisions have been done it's time to hand over the finished logo to the client in several formats both vector and rasterised for both print and web applications respectively.

Along with the designed logo will be a set of brand guidelines that will contain information about how the logo is to be used, font details and colours.  There will be variations of the logo also, for example a black and white version for monochrome applications.

At this point both I and the client sign a transfer of copyright. The logo now belongs to the client.